UrbanBird lets you upload your photos and makes a map of your trip that includes geographical info you can share with your friends on Facebook during or after the trip. It’s a beautiful new way for you and others to view your photos. Bonus: Click on any pictures to get the GPS Directions from where you are to the location of a picture!

What it does

Creates a map from the photos you've uploaded and captions them automatically with dates, location, titles and descriptions.

What's hot

You can upload photos and have them instantly mapped and captioned. If you're creating a map while you're on a trip, or looking at someone else's public map, click on a photo to get travel suggestions for similar attractions near you. The website is great for active travelers who want to share a visual journal at the end of an eventful day.

Supported devices

Make sure your camera or smartphone is set to geotag your photos before you start snapping your pics. The photos taken with a non-GPS capable digital camera can be manually geotagged using the UrbanBird editor.


Step 1: Upload your photos here

Step 2: There is no step 2! You're done!

UrbanBird maps your pictures, generates titles, descriptions, dates taken for you while generating suggestions of places to visit.

Step 3: Enjoy your map, Share it with your friends!

Click here to see the live demo


New Years’ Eve 2013 began our 10-day Road-Trip in Eastern Europe. Austria, Czech Republic, Hungry, and Slovakia, so many pictures to remember. OMG!!! We forgot. How could we remember Names, Places, Dates, Times, Directions and Location?

After some investigations, we found that modern cameras geolocate images the way smartphones do. We had the GPS coordinates and dates taken we needed. It took us over a year to explore this meta data and develop a strong concept that works for everyone’s names, places, dates, times, directions and location.

Now… A NAME!!! One windy day in San Francisco, we observed plastic bags flying around. Jokingly, we told each other: “Hey Dan, look at those ‘URBAN BIRDS’ ”. Voila!!! We had the app’s name.


Behind the scene

When you take a photo with a smartphone or a GPS capable camera, your device logs the coordinates where the photo was taken. Utilizing that information, UrbanBird figures out the context of the picture and offers you suggestions of future places to visit.

EXIF metadata editor

If you didn't turn on the location service on your smartphone before taking a picture, or if your camera is not GPS capable, you can still use our service by manually entering the location and date taken of your pictures.
Click here to access the editor.

Webmaster Tools

Do you have a personal travel blog? Get the best of UB onto your website! Maps, carousel of pictures and elevation charts can be easily displayed in a few clicks.
Click here for more info.

Private vs. Public Maps

When you create a map of photos on UrbanBird, it is public by default. You can make it private by cliking on the "Settings" link, on top of your map. Then, accessing your map will be strictly limited to the users you share the access token with (Available under Settings > Access Token).

Easy Search using Hashtags

The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to associate keywords or topics to a Photo. It is used to find the maps containing at least one characteristic relative to the hashtag your Provide.
For instance, return all the maps of the user called "demo", and only returns the demo's maps with pictures taken in a park. It works with titles, descriptions, dates, location, and season.

Going Mobile?

We are actively working on an iOS and Android application.

Any Questions?

Please, let us know your question via the contact form.